Friday, December 19, 2003

Blown day

No walk. No Mass. No Office.

I spent all day updating my website. My eyes and neck and wrists hurt. I didn't leave the house, barely left my desk. The web site does look a lot better. I added my story about the trip to northern Minnesota for Theresa's wedding to an Ojibwe man. And I standardized the pages some more.

I do my own HTML, because the web page programs seem to be more trouble than they are worth. They always introduce strange codes and reformat stuff on me.

Well I did spend part of today straightening out financial things about the computer purchases. I made clam sauce for fettucini for lunch. Ate the rest of it for dinner at the computer.

Tomorrow my friend Christina's daughter is coming for her second tutoring session. And I forgot I had the baby shower to go to for Francesca, daughter of Bruno from Italy. He is in ILM in the same year as I am. I'd better check the time.

I did not spend one minute on my marriage paper or on my resume. I am in the grip of the procrastination demon.

And I have done nothing about Christmas. I did write a Christmas letter, but didn't send it out.

And her words space out into the silence.
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