Monday, December 15, 2003

Busy day today. Walked to Holy Cross for Mass. Frost was on the lawns and roofs. Hands were cold. Stopped to read Office of Readings and Morning Prayer in the Church afterwards. From now on, when I do the above, I'll use the abbreviations: Mass. Walked. Office. Morning Prayer.

Sunday, the choir director Peter greeted me and said someone told him I'll be joining the choir. He asked me if I'm a sister. I thought it was because I was wearing a black crew neck sweater over a white cowl neck sweater, and a black skirt with black stockings and shoes. Very nunnish colors. Then I guessed it must be because of my short haircut. He said, No because you look like a sister. A holy woman. Best compliment I've ever gotten.

At 9:40 I had to be at Lens Crafters for an eye exam. Need to have the prescription redone. Can't find my last pair of glasses, which I'd like to reuse for the reading glasses I need to supplement my progressive glasses. I'm going to get disposable contact lenses too. I am a little ashamed at my vanity, wanting to spend money for contact lenses. But I keep thinking about how the Pope used to have thick black rimmed glasses in all his photos, but then for many years, no glasses ever appear. I'm thinking that if the Pope, whom I regard as a Holy Man, wears contacts, I can too.

At 12, I went to sign papers for the home equity line of credit that I opened so I can pay off the 401K loan I took out as a down payment on this house. If I don't pay it
back within a certain number of days after Sun terminates me, I'll owe $5000 extra in taxes in 2005.
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