Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Forgot to mention: No Walk, No Mass. No Morning Prayer. Office. Slept late after staying up after midnight dashing off a query letter about the off-shoring article I want to write. Too many things are not aligning. Can't follow Liberty to CISCO in Chennai. No permissions. Could get him in trouble with company. After reading everything I can find on the web, I see the subject has been well-covered. All I could do is personalize it. If I can't get my foot in the door of CISCO while Liberty is there, then would there be anything else interesting to say? I would be like Hunter Thompson who was paid to attend something like the Democratic National convention and stayed in his hotel room and wrote about doing drugs.
Tried to work on the marriage paper for the Institute for Leadership in Ministry. Couldn't as they say get traction.
It's almost midnight. I'll try to go to bed and start again another day. I feel like I'm waiting for something to happen to break the miseries.
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