Wednesday, December 10, 2003

I want to have a place to record the things I do and read and think and learn each day. So this is it.

I picked because a blog in cracked me up. I came across the blog in a google search for RCIA. The posting was about an RCIA class the blogger, Jaclyn, was attending. (Rite of Christian Iniation classes are how converts get taught about the Church.)

Jaclyn wrote about a cheerleader who got a funny expression on her face when she found out that the Catholic Church teaches that sex outside of marriage is wrong. The poor girl apparently didn't know whether she wanted to join a Church like that!

One thing that drives many people away is that the Church is counter-cultural. And sexual self-control is not even considered healthy in the culture of today.

Today I read some more in Richard Henry Dana's _Two_Years_Before_the_Mast_. Where I left off last night, the crew had just gotten past Cape Horn after horrendous storms on their homeward journey from California back to Boston. Whole pages of the book are almost incomprehensible to me because of the sailing jargon, but it still fascinates me. The book shows vividly what the hard work of being a sailor was like for Dana, who was a Harvard student who went to sea for his health.

People used to work harder than I can imagine ever working myself.

I'm too tired to write any more.
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