Monday, December 15, 2003

When I write more than a few lines, I stop being able to enter text. So I'm starting another post to finish my thoughts. Never seem to tie anything together. I start with a story and then something fails technically, and I don't get to closure.

Liberty came to the loan signing. I had lots of follow up to do afterwards, with the hazard insurance company, the title company, my 401K loan company. Had to go through my papers and remind myself when I absolutely must pay back the loan. I think it's due 90 days after termination date before it is considered a "disbursement" and then becomes taxable and liable to penalities.

At the end of January, Liberty, is going to India to train writers who will be doing CISCO documentation. I would like to write an article on what just happened -- with my group of technical writers being replaced and my son being sent to India to train writers. So I spent a few hours searching for what has already been written about off-shoring. Talked to an Indian friend of mine who has strong opinions that Indian writers won't write standard English. Loaded an old version of Writer's Guide onto my hard drive from a CD from the library and read about query letters. Oops, out of space again and still no closure.
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