Friday, January 16, 2004

Fri Day

Mass. Part of Office. Choir practice. No walk.

I deleted all the games on this computer a few months ago.I think I wrote that already.
So, I'll get right to the true confessions part. I played Addiction Solitaire from yahoo games for about two hours today.

Last night I mailed photos to Shirley and Theresa, and got a SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope) for the article I'm sending to the Atlantic Monthly. The article is the travel memoir I wrote after I came back from Theresa's wedding. I tweaked it a little. I sent them the poor quality photos, just in case they want to use them with the article, if they want the article.

Yesterday I posted the paper on my website about the sacrament of marriage for ILM.

Google finds my website, but the search function still isn't working correctly. It works fine here on my blog. Ah those computer mysteries.

I did succeed in ordering the Yoga video when the fulfillment house called me back.

What else did I do besides Mass, Choir practice, P.O., library, grocery shopping? Did a little filing and a little folding (of laundry), a little closet straightening, a little cleaning.

Time for bed.
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