Monday, January 12, 2004

T Day

Walk. Mass. Office. Morning Prayer. Rollo's doughnuts.

Bro. Charles announced that the poinsettas are free for the taking today since the Christmas season ended yesterday (on the feast of the Baptism of Our Lord). When I didn't go up because I was reading my prayers in the pew, watching sisters and ladies walking out with one or more pots, Bro. Charlie brought me the last straggler. When I walked into Rollo's Doughnuts with plans to offer the poinsetta to the nice Laotian owner, Rose told me it reminded her of the Christmas tree in Charlie Brown's Christmas.

The rest of my laid-off writing group and I have exchanged emails about this day. See for more about this topic.

I am pleased to have added a search function from google to my blog. I'm going to add one to my website too, now.
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