Friday, June 04, 2004

Day 3: June 3

The first night after the first chemo I was wide awake most of the night,
feeling queasy, etc. I picked up one of the books, Love, Medicine, &
Miracles, which Nancy Block sent me, and I found
a lot in it to be helpful. The author, Berni Siegel, an M.D. who counsels
people to supposedly help them understand what they are wanting
to get out of their sickness, really of lost me at the point when he revealed
he was speaking with the voice of his avatar, George.

Anyways, the part that was helpful was to realize that nausea isn't
mandatory. I put off taking the steroid-based nausea suppressant
drug they had sent home with me, and made it through with one Compazine.
And the whole next day I didn't use an anti-nausea drug either, until
I took a Compazine at 7. I'm leery about taking steroids. If I can avoid taking
a drug that suppresses my immune system to control nausea, when I have
anyother way to deal with it, I want to skip the steroid drug.

I noticed one book they have at the CTC (chemo treatment center) yesterday
and had to laugh. It is called, "Having a No Hair Day."

I'm going to get some ginger tea, which is great for settling your stomach.
Actually I can grate some ginger into some hot water, without having
to go to the store.
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