Sunday, January 22, 2006

Wedding Prayer

I wrote this wedding prayer off the top of my head when a friend
said she was going to a wedding in Minneapolis and asked me
to send her something.

Creator of the Universe, God of Love, You created marriage as a sign of
Your self-giving total love for us Your people.

Thank You for Jesus's miracle at the Wedding at Cana, where He showed
that Your concern extends even to the smallest details of our happiness.
Be with us too at this marriage feast and fill any empty places in our
hearts with the joyful Wine of Your Presence.

Thank You for the example You set in Your love for us. Give all of us
the grace we need to follow Your example in the unconditional love we take
from you and give to one another.

We ask Your blessings on this marriage. Bless this union of this woman
and this man.

Give their families and friends the grace to support the unbreakable
bond that they
are forming. Be with them as they walk together through the joys and
satisfactions and the inevitable disappointments and sorrows of this

Thank You that Your Love brought us all into being. Bless the children
that will come into being because of their love and Your Love.

Let their first love be for You and let that love guide them to eternal
life in heaven with You.

We ask this with grateful hearts this day through Your Son, Jesus Christ.
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