Thursday, January 26, 2006

You Never Know When You Get Up in the Morning Where Your Life Might be Headed By the End of the Day

Thursday 1/26/06

This day I came to work half hour late (every day I resolve to be there at 8:30, and almost every day I'm at least 15 minutes later than that, and even though I make it up by working into the evening, I still regret that I misssed the goal). This sign was affixed to the glass door onto the back parking lot:

Please attend company presentation at the
Hilton at 9:30. Maps at reception.

Then after the painful long wait before my computer allows me to log in and the additional painful long wait before the mail
program (Lotus notes) launched, I found this email.

From Joe Millares [our CFO]
To cyus
Subject Please Attend Company Presentation at 9:30
Date: 01/26/2006 04:18 AM

Good Morning Everyone:

Please attend a Company Presentation at 9:30 AM today (Thursday) at the Newark Hilton, 39900 Balentine Drive, Newark. John and Daniel have an important message for everyone. Please arrive on time. Thank you.


Joe M. Millares
Chief Financial Officer
Cyclades Corporation

Another email from Daniel Delarossa, one of the two co-founders, announced: Cyclades merges with Avocent. In Daniel's email,the news was presented as a way for the company to get more resources to keep growing.

But the reality, when we listened to the Avocent manager whose group Cyclades is joining, is that Cyclades has been sold for $90 million. The two co-founders John Lima and Daniel, will stay for six months, and then they will leave to start another company. Cyclades will be no more.

I asked what's the difference between a merger and an acquisition? And Dave Parry, the Avocent executive, admitted that we were acquired.

The 4 am email was due to the fact that the contract had only been signed at 2 a.m.
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