Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Children of Contraception

The following quotes are from a blog about the open dissidence of Canadian bishops to Humanae Vitea, the official prouncement of the Pope on birth control. I post them here because I agree wholeheartedly.

The children of the contraceptive mentality are many and depraved: adultery, fornication, venereal disease, homosexuality, pornography, radical feminism, sterilization, violence, child abuse, corrupt family life education, abortion and euthanasia.

[Ed: Condoning the separation of marital love from fertility (which is an intrinsic aspect of the union between a man and a woman) led to a full acceptance of non-fertile unions and hence of fornication, homosexual practice, and abortion. The pleasure of lust persued for its own sake leads to a disregard of the full humanity of the partner. It kills something in the soul of a person who lives to pursue his or her bliss. And it leads to greater and greater excesses.]

The Winnipeg Statement has been the occasion of many invalid marriages. "Follow Your Conscience" has meant to many "I have the right to exclude children by contraception for a time or until I am ready, or forever." To exclude the right to have children, whether for a time or forever, whether on the part of one or both parties, invalidates the marriage covenant. To concede the right to dissent from Humanae Vitae is to concede the right to enter an invalid
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