Friday, September 21, 2007

Halloween at my place of work

Above: Halloween 2006: Marketing and Techical Publications Groups Present 'The Filming of Star Wars' (I'm the Senator/Announcer second from right)

This year, I'm not going to participate in the Halloween extravaganza at work again. BTW I cannot think of better word than extravaganza to express the elaborate extent people go to for the yearly competition. It goes way beyond mere dress up. Teams work during their lunch hours, nights, and weekends to transform the office.

For me, there is just too much of the occult and the sexually provocative in the way we do Halloween. I want to focus on the next day, All Saint's Day, instead of the night when witches are supposed to be riding around on broomsticks, and the Bay area is staging erotic dress up balls.

That being said, I had a lot of fun last year scripting and announcing the Star Wars extravaganza put on by the Marketing Group (to which my tech publications group was reporting at the time). We went all out to try to win a prize. A lot of the costumes were home made. We painted the backdrop you see in the photo, completely transformed a conference room, created four sets . . ..

Even though we had elaborate staging and multiple scenes with sword fighting and my script killed off three characters in six minutes and saved the Galaxy, we only tied for second place. But still, we got $25 each for prizes, plus a box of chocolates.

Email to a product group I worked with:

Halloween theme 2006

Marketing and Technical Publications present:
"The filming of Star Wars"!

Who's got time to work at a time like this? The fate of the galaxy might be at stake.

I'm the Imperial Senator/narrator second from right. Other writers you may run into: Tom Regner, the Fremont writing supervisor is Chewbacca, Hamid Sepehrdad is the green monster, and Gregg Aronson is Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Hope you enjoy the photo. We sure enjoyed making it.

Senator Teresan from the Planet Carmelavila


Roseanne Sullivan
Technical Writer
Avocent Corporation
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