Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hugh Wants Women to Castrate Themselves and Other Reactions to the Lies They Feed Us These Days

Subtitle: Riling up the Opposition at The California Democratic Party Line Blog

At The CA Dem Party Line Blog, a video of Sarah Palin's vist to CA shows only Obama supporters. They talk a lot about how women need to protect their rights to control their own bodies, which prompted the following comment from me:

Women need the right to be in charge of their own bodies. The truth is that we have been shamed by the "free" sex spin doctors. We have lost the right to say no to sex that stops with the orgasm or that lasts only as long as a temporary "relationship" might last. We have been told we don't have the right to wait and give ourselves in love in a life-long, life-giving marriage.

The proponents of male sexual predation like Hugh Hefner are the biggest supporters of sex outside of marriage, contraception, "free" love, and the horror of abortion. These so-called rights give unprincipled men free reign over women's bodies.

Can't you see what these people have done, pulling the wool over our eyes? In our day, women are brought up to live in a way that thwarts their sexuality. This lines up exactly with the desires of men who do not want commitment. We have lost the joy of being chosen as life-long partners without being "tried out" first. We have followed their lead and become predators ourselves.

When every woman is pressured to believe that she must have sex outside of marriage with the hope that maybe the man might someday make a commitment, and every woman is forced to make sure to use artificial means to prevent her sexuality from its full flowering in child-bearing, this is the equivalent of female castration.

All this being said, I cannot support a presidential candidate who believes it is good to chop up babies inside and outside of their mother's wombs. And if they are born alive, Obama is adament that they be abandoned to die uncomforted. Anyone who believes these actions are good has lost a big part of his or her humanity.

Women throw off these lies. Look at Sarah Pahlin. Whatever her failings, she is a woman who truly has it all. See http://tinyurl.com/3pg4g5 for more.

Reality check: Which would you rather be? A Playboy bunny living with an 81 year old lecher who wears pajamas all the time and has multiple "relationships" or a fulfilled woman with five kids and a supportive husband?

BTW, when interviewed, Playboy bunnies almost universally say that what they want is to be married and have children. As I just found out by googling Hugh Hefner this morning, his current crop of girlfriends from his infamous "reality" show Girls Next Door are leaving him apparently for that reason. And a Playboy survey in the 70s brought back unexpected results. People who waited to have sex until marriage and who were faithful within marriage reported a much higher degree of sexual happiness. Go figure. Could it be that sexual morality promotes our happiness?

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