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Catholics: Do Note Vote for Pro-Abortion Candidates. The Country You Save May Be Your Own.

No other issue, not all other issues taken together, can constitute a proportionate reason for voting for candidates that intend to preserve and defend this holocaust of innocent human life that is abortion.Fr. John Corapi (see his article included at the bottom of this post).

On the Democratic ticket, we have Joe Biden, a Catholic for abortion (against the teachings of the Church) running for vice-president. For his part, presidential candidate Barack Obama has repeatedly voted against anti-abortion legislation, and even laws that would comfort and try to save infants that are born alive after abortions.

Democrats hotly defend the "right" to partial birth abortion. This "procedure" partly delivers a baby that is almost at full term and kills it by inserting a surgical instrument into the base of its skull. They don't wait until it is fully delivered because they want to avoid the charge of infanticide only by the most cynical of technicalities.

Please, for the sake of the health of this country and your own soul, do not vote for any person who thinks it is moral to allow a little babe to be chopped up or burned by saline solution or vacuumed out of the womb, which should be the safest place in the world for her or him. And do not vote for anyone who thinks there is a "right" to stab babies in the spinal cord after partial delivery. Please don't. That politician who is for the legalized killing of unborn children has killed a part of his or her humanity. Do not join the dark side your self.

If you are unconvinced, ask God to guide you. I challenge you to pray and ask God to show you the truth. Pray the rosary for the outcome of this election for much is at stake. This is my prayer, may God show us all the truth in these matters.

The devil does not seduce us with ugliness and clumsy speech. He set before us glamour and appeals to all of our nature, including our ideals.

As Fr. Corapi wrote in the included email, the fate of the nation and the world is at stake. As Roy Schoeman has written about the Nazi regime, Satan gets a foothold in a person's soul through the introduction of sexual deviance. Actually, any sex outside of marriage is a perversion. Allowing "freedom" in this are has led to the promotion of spurious "freedoms" like the "right" to choose abortion.

Many Catholics have been influenced by the promoters of a false compassion. It is true that we have to love individuals, but we don't have to love and legalize and normalize the evils that they do.

If you want to see what the Catholic Church has taught about abortion from the beginning see the Catholic Encyclopedia at:

The article has many quotes like the following, which are from Tertullian

----------- Start Catholic Encyclopedia Abortion Article --------------------

"In our case, a murder being once for all forbidden, we may not destroy even the fetus in the womb, while as yet the human being derives blood from the other parts of the body for its sustenance. To hinder a birth is merely a speedier man-killing; nor does it matter whether you take away a life that is born, or destroy one that is coming to birth. That is a man which is going to be one; you have the fruit already in its seed" (Apology 9:8 [A.D. 197]).

"Among surgeons’ tools there is a certain instrument, which is formed with a nicely-adjusted flexible frame for opening the uterus first of all and keeping it open; it is further furnished with an annular blade, by means of which the limbs [of the child] within the womb are dissected with anxious but unfaltering care; its last appendage being a blunted or covered hook, wherewith the entire fetus is extracted by a violent delivery.

"There is also [another instrument in the shape of] a copper needle or spike, by which the actual death is managed in this furtive robbery of life: They give it, from its infanticide function, the name of embruosphaktes, [meaning] "the slayer of the infant," which of course was alive. . . .

"[The doctors who performed abortions] all knew well enough that a living being had been conceived, and [they] pitied this most luckless infant state, which had first to be put to death, to escape being tortured alive" (The Soul 25 [A.D. 210]).

"Now we allow that life begins with conception because we contend that the soul also begins from conception; life taking its commencement at the same moment and place that the soul does" (ibid., 27).

"The law of Moses, indeed, punishes with due penalties the man who shall cause abortion [Ex. 21:22–24]" (ibid., 37).

------ end quote from Catholic Encyclopedia ------------------------------------------------------

Many sexual evils have been legalized since the start of the 20th century: contraception, divorce, living together outside of marriage, pornography, all kinds of sexual acts, . . .. For a while, the ersatz sex researchers justified any kind of sex, even sex between children and adults. But they have silenced themselves, for the time being at least, because crying out against pederasty give such great ammunition against the Catholic Church. No one recognizes that some of the priests and bishops in these sick events had their judgment clouded by these same psychological experts who are currently lying low about their real beliefs.

In the name of everyone's right to untrammeled sex, we have even gone so far as to legalize the destruction of unwanted children.

The spin doctors justified loosening abortion laws for the "hard cases" of rape and incest. But God loves every soul that He calls into being. I once talked to an Evangelical Free Church pastor on this topic. He showed verses in the Scriptures that show God knows and has a plan for each soul.

"Before you were in your mother's womb, I knew you" is one of them.

To kill a child because of the circumstances of his or her conception is adding another evil to the first one. Two great wrongs do not make a right. And now, how many of the 4,000 abortions committed daily are for those hard cases? Very very few.

Now women are routinely screened during pregnancy, and if any defect is found, they are pressured to commit abortion on the child. They even claim it's for the good of the child, so the child will not suffer. What worse suffering is there than death? How many "defectives" would ever say to their mothers, I wish you had taken my life?

The devil got his toe in the door and kept pushing and pushing until all hell has broken into our world in these matters. We live in a society with mad scientists creating monsters by combining human and animals (Frankensteins) and human clones. What brave new world is this?

Much is at stake. If you are leaning towards candidates that offer all kinds of rosy prospects, consider the black back sides of their platforms. As Fr. Corapi writes, all the other terrible and grave issues [the war in Iraq, torture, financial misdealings], they do not add up to justification of the routine slaughter of and experimentation on human lives.

With love, in HIm, your sister,


Begin Fr. Corapi's article:

A Call for a Rosary Novena
By Fr. John Corapi

Among the most important titles we have in the Catholic Church for the Blessed Virgin Mary are Our Lady of Victory and Our Lady of the Rosary. These titles can be traced back to one of the most decisive times in the history of the world and Christendom. The Battle of Lepanto took place on October 7 (date of feast of Our Lady of Rosary), 1571. This proved to be the most crucial battle for the Christian forces against the radical Muslim navy of Turkey. Pope Pius V led a procession around St. Peter’s Square in
Vatican City praying the Rosary. He showed true pastoral leadership in recognizing the danger posed to Christendom by the radical Muslim forces, and in using the means necessary to defeat it. Spiritual battles require spiritual weapons, and this more than anything was a battle that had its origins in the spiritual order―a true battle between good and evil. Today we have a similar spiritual battle in progress―a battle between the forces of good and evil, light and darkness, truth and lies, life and death. If we do not soon stop the genocide of abortion in the United States, we shall run the course of all those that prove by their actions that they are enemies of God―total collapse, economic, social, and national. The moral demise of a nation results in the ultimate
demise of a nation. God is not a disinterested spectator to the affairs of man. Life begins at conception. This is an unalterable formal teaching of the Catholic Church. If you do not accept this you are a heretic in plain English. A single abortion is homicide. The more than 48,000,000 abortions since Roe v. Wade in the United States constitute genocide by definition. The group singled out for death―unwanted, unborn

No other issue, not all other issues taken together, can constitute a proportionate reason for voting for candidates that intend to preserve and defend this holocaust of innocent human life that is abortion.

I strongly urge every one of you to make a Novena and pray the Rosary to Our Lady of Victory between October 27th and Election Day, November 4th. Pray that God’s will be done and the most innocent and utterly vulnerable of our brothers and sisters will be protected from this barbaric and grossly sinful blight on society that is abortion. No woman, and no man, has the
right to choose to murder an innocent human being.

May God grant us the wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and counsel to form our conscience in accordance with authentic Catholic teaching, and then vote that well‐formed Catholic conscience.

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God Bless You

Fr. John Corapi
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