Saturday, January 03, 2009

Traditional Mass Jottings: Want to Pray the Liturgy of the Hours in Latin and English?

The Roman Breviary site is lovely.

What you find there a beautifully colorful and well designed site with lots of great art. The texts are from the pre-1962 breviary with very nice translations into English. They call their version the "real Breviary."

Incidentally, they are definitely hostile to what they call the pseudo-traditional 1962 liturgy. An example of their prose (which you don't see unless you look for it):

"Since Fr. Bernard Hausmann, S.J. first wrote this definitive set of instructions for the Divine Office, the Liturgy of the Roman Catholic Church has seen a gradual onslaught by her enemies that has resulted in the almost complete obliteration of the Catholic Breviary. The pathetic substitutes used by the Novus Ordo Church and the 1962 "traditionalists" bear little if any resemblance to the true Catholic liturgy used before the masonic-inspired "reforms" of the 1940s, 50s and 60s."

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