Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Graham Greene Signed a 1971 Appeal of the Liturgical Changes

Graham Greene was one of many, many, intellectuals who were appalled at the prohibition of the Latin Mass in the Traditional form after Vatican II.

"Historically, lay intellectuals were actually those to realize more and better the disaster, the actual cultural destruction, represented by the "prohibition" of the liturgy of Saint Pius V and the disappearance of Latin as sacred language of the Catholic Church. ... [V]ery important intellectuals ... considered this decision as an attack on the roots of our Christian Civilization (the liturgy has always been a center and a fountain of the most sublime art)." Cardinal Arturo Medina Estevez,12/01/2006 in an Italian Manifesto in support of Pope Benedict XVI's motu proprio on the liberaliazation of the use of the Latin Mass in the traditional form, which was published in the Italian daily Il Foglio.

Greene was one of the intellectuals who signed the appeal in defense of the traditional form of the Mass in 1971. The letter to Rome protested that the vernacular Mass surrenders to "the materialist and technocratic civilization that is increasingly threatening the life of the mind and the spirit.'"

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