Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I Wish I was a Whale

In 1984 or so,when I was a graduate student, writing instructor, and divorced mother of two small children, I wrote a pro-life opinion piece that was published in the Minnesota Daily. In the article, I described waiting for a bus with my children one frigid day in downtown Minneapolis and seeing protesters parading with bloody photos of battered baby seals. They didn't seem to be attracting any censure, which seemed unfair to me, since protesters who carried photos of bloody aborted babies are roundly condemned.

I was reminded of that article last week, when a friend from my traditional Latin Mass schola gave me a Pro Life Zinger check to pay for some local honey I'd picked up for her. The check is printed with a cartoon of a pregnant woman on her way to an abortion clinic. A thought balloon originating from the womb of the cartoon woman says, "I wish I was a whale."

It is not an exaggeration to say that as a society, we often seem to have more compassion for the offspring of seals and whales and owls than we have for our own species.

The Life Checks company that makes the ProLife Zinger checks is not trying to make light of abortion. They are trying to provoke a reaction against it. In case you are interested in this cause and can handle a little scorn, you can purchase Life Checks for yourselves by contacting 1(888)524-3257 http://tinyurl.com/proLifeZingerChecks

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Anonymous said...

It's rare to find such honesty.