Saturday, January 30, 2010

Abortion's Root Causes: Deification of Sex

Anyone who opposes abortion should address the root causes: the deification of sexual license and the use of contraception. The god of sexual freedom demands human sacrifice and is getting millions of these hideous offerings in the form of aborted children. If, as many people believe, sexual pleasure is the greatest good, then anything that limits it is evil.

The values taught by the Church, celibacy outside of marriage and chastity inside marriage, are the only ways for people to have "safe sex": sex that is safe for their bodies, their emotional happiness, their souls' salvation, the good of society and the good of any children that may be conceived when couples are intimate. I used to support NFP, but I now admire more the many married lovers I have encountered who welcome all children that God intends for their families. God decides when a soul comes into being and loves that person for eternity. How can the children's mothers and fathers do any less?

Licentious sex goes after the pleasure of the union and kills the result. The deepest human emotions are trampelled in the process too. "Don't tie me down," is the cry of the sexual predator. From Dorothy Day onward, women have been pressured by their "lovers" to abort a child the "lover" doesn't want, and then the women often find they are not loved either. It is a terrible thing to use another person for pleasure without recognizing the real bond that is created in the act. The religion of sexual freedom seeks to avoid at all costs the full expression of the act that is realized in the creation of a child.

This is all Newspeak. A child is not a "failure of contraception" or a "mistake." It is a human being loved by God. A woman should not be asked to stuff down her emotions of love and attachment to her lover so that she doesn't "drive him away" or "be possessive." And women should not be pressured to murder their children to serve the god of sexual freedom either.
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