Monday, November 08, 2010

The Religion of Sex Without Consequences

Facebook comment on one of my posts:

Abortion is at once a failure of science and society to provide simple, affordable, easy to use, and 100% effective birth control and the consequence of of some imposing their notions of sexual morality on others….

Roseanne Sullivan
Isn't that interesting? I used to believe in your religion, Fred..

Now my eyes are open about all the deceptions that have led to people redefining an absolute evil as good. I realize that abortion is the result of people making a god out of sexual "freedom." Abortion, like contraception, was seen as a great evil by society at large until the 20th century. Both of these things ARE still evil, but those who want to make us believe otherwise have the mind share and control of the airwaves.

We have a president who believes that a child would be a punishment, if one of his daughters ever made a "mistake," and he supports getting rid of the result of the "mistake." It wouldn't occur to him to teach his daughter not to give herself and her precious love that is capable of bringing life into being to someone who only wants a piece of her.

Adherents are taught to despise anything that gets in the way of their religion of sex without consequences, even their children. Their prophets, such as Hugh Hefner and Alfred Kinsey and various _psycho_-therapists, tell their followers that it is a reasonable and a healthy thing to remove all love and commitment and fertility from the intimacy that in reality belongs only in marriage and in reality is designed to bring life into being. Who cares about fruitful, faithful, and committed love?

We'd rather have the option to live like Hugh Hefner. !Not! Even the supposedly liberated Playboy bunnies (non-reproducing bunnies, ironically enough) say they want marriage and children, when they are asked. Instead they get stuck with Hugh Hefner and his ilk, and lap dogs, and a ticking biological clock, and highly likely infertility problems from undetected low level STDs, such as chlamydia, if they ever find a decent man who would want to marry them and have children with them.

We are all surrounded by old maids these days, truly old, but not maids, relicts of the playboys of the world, who have used them and not married them or given them any children or loved or cared for them in their old age. Women are trained not to screen for someone who wants the same thing they do, but instead are lectured, don't scare him away, don't start talking about "the relationship too soon." Any bozo who would be scared away by a woman who asked him what his intentions are is worth losing, but I digress.

Birth control doesn't work all the time. Birth control is usually foisted on the woman, with great risks to her health. If men had to take the pill, it would be banned.

There is a parallel here between the separation of sex and life-giving and the separation of food from nourishment. When either are pursued for the pleasure alone, it is a perversion, and has terrible consequences, in addictive behavior and in the person's health, personal life and relationships, and in society as a whole.

Another important shot of reality is that the availability to almost every child of sex education and contraception has driven up the pregnancy rate and the abortion rate instead of driving it down. And in spite of the snide mockery of abstinence training, the fact is that in Africa abstinence training has been the only social program that has driven the AIDs rate down. Condoms just don't work.

Sex outside of marriage is a public health nuisance, and for that reason alone, it probably should be outlawed again. Its consequences are abortion, STDs including AIDs, infertility (look at the large numbers of infertile couples, who when they get around to wanting a child, cannot have one), depression, depravity, child abuse and neglect, low self esteem, breast cancer (from the pill). . .. Any other behavior that had such horrible consequences and such a high cost to society would
be outlawed. We fine people for poisoning the water. But the birth control manufacturers aren't being fined, even though their products have polluted our water sources, causing feminization of boys and early puberty in girls, and who knows what other side effects they'll discover down the line.

When the poison hormones or the other contraceptive barriers between the couple don't work, and that particular rite of the initiates fails them, and a child is conceived, devotees of these false prophets are encouraged to believe that the child is not a child. Heck, even if it is a child, the parent who doesn't want to parent the child are pressured to kill it. What a terrible depressing religion is that!

Free love is not free and it's not love. Ask any woman, or man, who has been used. And then when a baby comes into being (as part of the normal use of the function in an unnatural way that seeks only the pleasure), these fanatics demand the "right" to take its life to keep their idol happy.

Just a thought, did you ever realize that the ultimate child abuse is to kill it in its mother's womb?

We are killing millions upon millions every year in the name of that false religion. You should see the teenagers at the SF Walk for Life carrying signs saying "I'm a survivor." If you asked them why, they would tell you that 1/3 of their generation has been slaughtered.

Some day society will wake up and see the atrocity for what it is. Do you know that the Nazis called people that didn't think all Jews and defectives should die religious fanatics? Actually, I'm certain of it. They didn't just call dissenters religious fanatics, they killed millions of Catholics and protestants who spoke out against them.

The only 100% effective birth control is abstinence unless you are willing to welcome the life that might come into being. For all of us to play with the force that created the universe for simply for pleasure is just as dangerous as if we were giving a nuclear bomb to children to play with, and telling them it is just for fun.

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