Monday, May 02, 2011

A Few Posts About Lilacs and Forsythia from my Facebook Page

March 28, 2011: Lilacs and Forsythia, Out of Their Element, Like Me

On the green strip between my sidewalk and the street are two lilac bushes and a forsythia bush that are each only about 40" tall after about six years. The lilacs don't thrive in this hostile environment where it just doesn't get cold enough for them, and once again they are putting out just a few small purple blossoms. The forsythia is cheering me too with a few yellow flowers. Both the forsythia and lilacs remind me of home in Massachusetts on this chilly rainy California spring day.

Last year about this time we were burying my aunt in West Roxbury, MA and St. Joseph's cemetery fence was lined by bright golden forsythia. I have been in that cemetery many times as a child visiting my father's and grandparents' grave with my family, but I never was there in forsythia time before. The effect of the forsythia in beautiful contrast with the tall pine trees that surround the cemetery was lovely to see.

Even though nothing else was blooming yet, I was delighted to see forsythia was abundant in one yard after another as I drove around.

And I remember bright summer days in Fargo where the alleys behind all the neat houses were lined with an abundant richness of blossoming purple and white lilac bushes.

As I back the car quickly down the driveway after an ordeal of late nights and stressful days at work, a glimpse of those bushes brings me a nostalgia rush and puts a totally spontaneous smile on my tired face, before I back out onto the street and head for the freeway.

April 5 Post
The daffodils have come and gone, but I brought a vase full of lilacs and a sprig of forsythia to my cube yesterday. This is the first year my lilacs have been big enough to have that wonderful lilac fragrance. All day at work, I was living part in 2011 and part in other lilac springtimes of my life because of how scent is such a powerful evoker of memories.
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