Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Part 2: Why It Takes Me Four Hours or More to Leave for Work in the Morning

The iMac is lagging about a minute behind in showing my keyboard input as usual. Time to finally get around to buying that new iMac, since the one I spent thousands on in 2004 is now obsolete. Now that the Lion OS is finally released and the new iMac is available, no more excuses. I'm going to buy the new iMac loaded in hope that I won't run out of memory or disk space in my lifetime. Today In the meantime, performance is dismal, and that's only one of the things that slows me down as I try to work on my myriad of tiny projects before I leave for work. I woke up at a 6:30, but here I am still sitting at 8:40, well past my goal of 8 a.m. arrival at work, yet again. P.S. Arrived at work at 10:15.

What did I do before leaving the house? I ask myself. Prayed a lot for and about my children. I unpacked the 2nd suitcase, did dishes (mostly Liberty's) from last night, found clean sheets to leave out for the bi-weekly visit by my cleaning lady, met her at the door, exchanged a kiss of greeting, and shared photos from my trip with her. Asked about her upcoming trip to Peru and marked on the calendar the date for her next visit.

Took some cool-washed clothes out of the washer, hung underwear, and started a load of darks. Filled the watering can while warming up the water to wash my face (takes a long time for the hot water to make its way to the bathroom sink, and I hate to waste the water, so I fill up the watering can while running the water and waiting for the warm). Watered orchids. Glued the head back into Jadis's clay sculpture where it had come loose. Worked on glueing the veil of my mask of Our Lady, and sketched in more details on the nose and eyes. Took a photo of both and uploaded them to Facebook.

Read an Ignatius press article. Ate a chunk of leftover meatloaf and a peanut butter and honey sandwich with my coffee while reading today's prayers in Magnificat. Packed blueberries and a banana to bring to work. Washed the breakfast dishes.

On Facebook, read a note from niece Mary, then posted about the the annual Perseid Meteor Shower, nicknamed the Tears of St. Lawrence, and posted the famous quote from St. Lawrence whose feast is today in the new calendar (I think I'm done on this side, you can turn me over). Called EWTN to update my credit card for my monthly donation. Read the Northside Neighborhood group digest. Looked up the date for the St. Philomena Mass at Five Wounds and marked the calendar. Finally after Irma came, I got dressed and left for work.

And so the time goes.

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