Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Homemade Jam, Dorothy Sayers, Dante, and Decisive Choices

Blissful Moment. Eating a breakfast English muffin with chunky peanut butter and Rita Hey's plum jam, drinking Mystic Monk coffee with coconut milk, and reading Dorothy Sayer's introduction to Dante's Hell.

Sayers wrote: "We must ... be prepared, while we are reading Dante, to accept the Christian and Catholic view of ourselves as responsible rational beings. We must abandon any idea that we are the slaves of chance, or environment, or our subconscious; any vague notion that good and evil are merely relative terms, or that conduct and opinion do not really matter; any comfortable persuasion that, however shiftlessly we muddle through life, it will somehow or other all come right on the night. We must try to believe that man's will is free, that he can consciously exercise choice, and that his choice can be decisive to all eternity."

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