Monday, September 15, 2014

How to Pray the Rosary and the Angelus in Latin

For my Latin tutoring of homeschoolers, I prepared a handout with the prayers of the Rosary and of the Angelus in Latin and English.  Here is a link to my handout.  I'm always finding things I want to change, and I update it pretty often, so each draft is dated. The most recent one is dated:  09/15/2014. If you like it, feel free to download a copy. I'm keeping a printed copy out on my front porch next to the porch swing where I usually pray the Rosary, because, I have to admit, I haven't memorized all the prayers in Latin, yet. Comment on this post if you see anything that needs to be changed, or if you find it useful, I would love it if you would tell me.

I had to make a few editorial decisions in getting the prayers together. You might be interested in why this amateur Latin sleuth felt the need to sort through multiple Latin names for the mysteries, to spend some time thinking through the controversies about Pope Saint John Paul II's addition of the Luminous Mysteries, and to rewrite some of the most commonly used version of the Fatima prayer. To keep this short (I'm trying to write like a real blogger), I'll make separate posts on the authentic Latin names for the mysteries, for the controversy about the Luminous Mysteries (Lucis Mysteriorum), and for the actual words of the Fatima prayer. I'll come back and make links on this page to the separate posts when I'm done. 

For the actual words of the Fatima prayer, see 
Conduc in caelum omnes animas pauperculas: What Are the Authentic Words of the Fatima Prayer?

Deus te benedicat (May God bless you)!

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