Saturday, September 27, 2014

New Director of Music at the San Francisco Oratory-in-Formation at Star of the Sea

In early September, I had an interview with Jeffrey Morse, the new Director of Music at Star of the Sea Church in San Francisco, a few weeks after he started his new position there. Star of the Sea is the site of the Oratory of St. Philip Neri,  which Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone launched August 1, 2014 and which will be under formation for the next few years.

The new pastor, Fr. Joseph Illo, and another secular priest from St. Louis, Fr. William Driscoll are the first members of the oratory-in-formation, which for the time being will be known as the Fraternity of St. Philip Neri. If you would like to know more about what the Oratory is and why it is being formed in San Francisco, Fr. Illo's blog provides lots of details. 

Fr. Illo sought out Morse because of his unique reputation from having created well-respected music program at St. Stephen the First Martyr Church in Sacramento, where he trained and led both adult singers in a schola and child choristers from the parish school.

Morse has ambitious plans that include eventually training child choristers from the Star of the Sea parish school to sing in the liturgies at the oratory, along the model of how student choristers from the London Oratory School sing at the London Oratory.

A short article on Morse's new role at Star of the Sea, "Bringing the Inspiration of the London Oratory to the San Francisco Oratory" was published by the Traditional Latin Mass Society of San Francisc and you can view it here.

The interview itself is tentatively planned for publication at the New Liturgical Movement blog in November.

Below are a few photos from the interview with Jeffrey Morse at the Star of the Sea rectory.

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