Sunday, January 22, 2017

Unequal Rights for Women

I have known many men who profess strong feminist views because doing so makes points with feminist women.

In an odd way by pretending to care about women's issues, a man does not have to care about individual women. In fact it's the opposite. A man who supports what is erroneously called women's rights doesn't have to court a woman, be tender to her, marry her, love her, support her, give her children, give her a home, or care for any children she conceives while being used for the man's pleasure. 

From many men's point of view, the man and the woman are perfectly happy to have what I call "guy sex" together: uncommitted, unfruitful, unloving, just for the thrills, and not for anything more life-enhancing. Many men have the attitude that since an uncommitted "relationship" is exactly what they want, their female partners must be satisfied if the "sex" is good for both of them.  But they and we really do know better. 

I read an survey one time that found that even Playboy bunnies want to find a husband and have children. It is sad to see Hugh Hefner's live-in women clutching their pet dogs for comfort while being photographed, videoed, paraded on television in little or no clothing to satisfy men's egos and their lust. Did you ever stop to realize that calling a woman a bunny is totally inappropriate--not to mention degrading?  Bunnies are renowned for reproducing, but these vulnerable-human-forever-young-because-perenially-replaced women called bunnies are relegated to sterile unnatural sex and must be satisfied with the empty thrills and financial rewards that being desired bring, as long as they remain desirable, that is. 

Hefner keeps getting older and his bunnies keep getting younger.  In 2012, he married a 26 year old at the age of 86. (She has been quoted as saying that Hef doesn't turn her on and that making it with him only lasts a few seconds. Another former bunny wrote about how when she lived in his Playboy Mansion all the women there would be invited to Hefner's room after he took Viagra, and they would be supervised by the main "girlfriend" as they each took turns for a brief time as he lay prone on the bed.)

Women are actually being abused and thwarted physically and emotionally by these so-called "freedoms." Women's sexuality is being limited to the act of intimacy alone, and they are forced either to take dangerous hormones or use devices and sperm killers to prevent the natural result that is built into their very being. Women's full sexual expression requires much more than the act of intimacy. To be fully realized, it needs  love, commitment, tenderness, pregnancy, childbirth, nursing, and caring for the children that are the result of the marital act.

Several women who are "sexually active" have told me they don't have orgasms.  I believe it's partly because many men don't even pretend to love their bed partners any more.  Intimacy is much more profound when the woman feels loved, so cads pretend love to fraudulently reap a full response from the woman.

The new sins are to be possessive or jealous. The advice women have to live by is to not scare a man away by letting him know you want to be married and have children.

We all know that women are heartbroken and degraded when they are used. But we pretend that equal rights means that sex means nothing more than what the worst of men want it to mean, which is nothing at all. 

Equal rights would actually mean that women wouldn't have to unsex themselves to make points with men.


Photos:  Now 90, in 2012, Hefner married one of his girlfriends and posed for wedding photos with her dog.  He was 86 and she was 26.  Another earlier girlfriend is shown with several dogs on the lawn of the Playboy Mansion.

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