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Latest Publications (Updated May 2, 2017)

May 2, "Fr. Rutler’s Peregrinating Essays" at Dappled Things Deep Down Things blog.

The Winter/Spring edition of Latin Mass Magazine includes two articles of mine, which are revised versions of articles I originally posted at Dappled Things blog. You can read or download these articles as  PDFs from Google Drive at "Marian Antiphons: An Introduction" and "Regina Caeli."

March 21,"Lives Interrupted: Six Women and Abortion" at Catholic Stand.

March 18, Opposing Amoris Laetitia: Not Envious Bitterness, But Love and True Mercy at this blog.

March 22, The Miracle and the Hope: Cardinal Kung's Requiem and Burial, at this blog. 

    April 10, The Durability of Writing – Anecdotes of a Catholic Author
    at Dappled Things Deep Down Things blog.

    Partial List of Magazines and Blogs with Links to Individual Articles Below
    • Latin Mass Magazine

    Catholic Stand  E-Publication

    March 21, 2017

    February 14, 2017

      The Latin Mass: The Journal of Catholic Culture and Tradition

      The Latin Mass is only available by subscription, either in printed or online form. Links in this list are to PDF copies.

      Winter/Spring 2017

      Fall 2016
      Summer 2016
      Winter/Spring 2016
      Christmas 2015
      Fall 2015
      • "Hebdomada Tranquilla et Jucunda cum Familia Sancti Hieronymi: A Peaceful and Joyful Latin Holiday with the Family of St. Jerome"
               Since I own the rights, I've posted a slightly edited version with a lot of photos here.
        Summer 2015
                 Article about the beauty and significance of the Pontifical Latin Mass celebrated by      
                 Archbishop  Salvatore Cordileone in San Francisco in September 2014. See the Dappled 
                Things article  by the same name for a modified version.
          Summer 2014  
          • An interview with Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone: “Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone Leading by Example,” and an accompanying article titled “San Francisco’s Archbishop Cordileone and the Traditional Latin Mass," about the archbishop's initiatives to improve liturgy in the Bay Area.

          Homiletic and Pastoral Review: America's Foremost Pastoral Publication, Since 1900

                    See the following links where the article and interview have been published separately.

          Deep Down Things Blog at Dappled Things, a Quarterly of Ideas, Art, and Faith

          New Liturgical Movement: Sacred Liturgy and Liturgical Arts

          Catholic Pundit Wannabe (Selected Posts)

            National Catholic Register Newspaper: America’s Most Complete and Faithful Catholic News Source

            November 13, 2007    
            October 6, 2007  

            Regina Magazine: Inspiring, Intelligent, Catholic

              Santa Clara Weekly: Community Newspaper

              San Francisco Faith 

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